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On 27 Jan 2017, at 10:03, Sriram Ramkrishna <sri ramkrishna me> wrote:

So for now, let's focus on having an interface to the #engagement and #gnome channel and a #gnome channel on freenode.  I will respect Carlos's wishes on not having an interface on #newcomers until he feels it is ready to do that.

There may be some confusion here about the dynamics of Matrix bridging. In practice, when bridging to IRC, Matrix just acts as a big decentralised IRC bouncer. It connects on a per-network, not a per-channel basis, and the Matrix users who pop up on IRC look and feel like a normal IRC client connection... because they are. It just happens to be that the client is running on a Matrix/IRC bridge and syncing that user's history into Matrix for them.

One can lock a bridge to a particular channel, but generally that's missing the point.

If anybody want to volunteer a channel for iniital bridging, please speak up and we will add it.  #gnome-hackers was mentioned before, but I don't think that is sufficiently a good place to land people from matrix IMHO due to cultural differences and honestly it is a place for our devs to hang out as a social channel.  Like Carlos, I'll figure out when is the right time to add it.

I'd be surprised if there were cultural differences, 'cos from the IRC perspective there should be no difference to normal. It's just like someone connecting via IRCCloud (albeit an open decentralised equivalent :)

If you can document here how to access it from, that would be appreciated.  We'll try to put it in the wiki at some point.

Will do.


Thanks for reaching out to us, Matthew, we appreciate it!




Matthew Hodgson
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