Re: Github's pull requests and GNOME

[bringing this thread back again]

On Mon, Dec 5, 2016, at 09:09 AM, Andrea Veri wrote:

added nevimer on the excludes list, your permissions to that
repository have been granted.

Hey so...I know this is a crummy situation, but let's keep this
conversation open.  I'm trying to understand the current state - is
there a policy of supporting specific repositories using PRs now?

If so I'd like to do so for libglnx, where we're doing PRs:

I'm leaning towards keeping libglnx "in" GNOME at least for now rather
than moving it to ostreedev, since it feels like it should be aligned
with the GNOME infrastructure layer...maybe? OTOH I'm not sure
what that really means at a technical level, but eh.

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