Re: Hello && About Maintainership of Gtranslator

On Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 11:27:25PM +0300, Muhammet Kara wrote:
I have been using gtranslator for years, and I love it. Lack of updates on
gtranslator has been bugging me for quite some time, and I have decided to
take action after seeing it on the Unmaintained list.[0]

I would like to help fix its bugs (when/if I can), and at least keep it
alive/usable. And I would be happy to co-maintain it with a more
experienced maintainer/developer.

I first wrote a message about this to the gtranslator-list, and also CC'ed
the last maintainer about seven weeks ago. About two weeks ago (if I am not
mistaken) on irc (#gtranslator), he told that he had been busy, and he
would write a proper response soon. On Alexandre Franke's suggestion, we
have been waiting for the reponse to get some insight about Seán's plans
for the master branch since the old UI was wiped in master, and it is not
in a usable state. I am still waiting for that.

So the usable state is on the gtranslator-2-91 branch? It is probably a
better idea to restart from that point, and always keep gtranslator in a
usable state.

In the meantime, I committed a few patches to the current master and the
gtranslator-2-91 branches (thanks to Alexandre Franke for the reviews on
bugzilla). And I have also submitted a few more patches to bugzilla.[1][2]
(Reviews are most appreciated. :))

I have been a local GNOME advocate, and a translator so far. And I would
love to continue my GNOME journey also as a developer.

Any help and directions are appreciated.

If you don't have a computer science background, it'll be more difficult
for you to work alone on gtranslator. Although it is entirely possible
to learn programming oneself, I think the state of gtranslator will
first get worse, then once you've gained more experience it'll improve.

For GLib/GTK+, I've started writing this guide:

You can also ask to previous gtranslator maintainers what they think
(e.g. Ignacio Casal Quinteiro, nacho on IRC).


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