Re: Equivalent of recursive make with meson/ninja?

On Sat, Feb 11, 2017 at 11:54:40AM +0000, Tim-Philipp Müller wrote:
With meson/ninja, everything will end up in one single file
(the equivalent to a Makefile).

You'd just do

 touch foo.c

In two different terminal tabs though.

and it will only recompile/relink the bits that have changed, and
nothing else. It will be very very fast in most cases.

It'll also relink all the tests and rebuild the docs (GTK-Doc is very

You can also do:

  touch foo.c
  ninja -C ../build

if you prefer to be in the source dir.

Too long to type.

If you haven't got a full build yet and only want to build a single
target without building more than absolutely needed you can also just

  ninja -C ../build src/

or somesuch (tab completion for targets should just work if you have
the right bits installed), but I'd expect that the normal use case is
that you do a full build and then just rebuild when things change.

Yes I always do a full build first. takes a lot of
time compared to meson, but once the full build is done, I just run make
commands which is fast enough.

You'll also notice that 'ninja' is near-instantaneous if there are no
changes, compared to recursive make which can take tens of seconds to
do nothing in that case. (Just as a data point, why the recursive ninja
thing is not really needed.)

What I don't like to do is to scroll up the build output to see the
warnings I'm interested in.


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