Need a little help with libgweather yak shaving

Hello all,

If you're feeling a little generous in this holiday season, do I have
the project for you!

I've spent the past week and a bit triaging libgweather's bugzilla,
adding automated tests, and hooking up continuous integration so it's
easier than ever to contribute to libgweather.

But we still have a fair number of bugs opened against libgweather
which I'd like us to close before migrating to GitLab for issue

I've rewritten the libgweather contribution wiki page to include what
we're looking for:

This is the list of bugs we'd like to fix before the migration:

A few of them are easier than others, and bug 556843 is a huge task
which you can contribute to for your country.

Feel free to comment in the bugs with references, and ask here about
more generic concerns.


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