GitLab: Projects moved and some advice

Hello all,

By request, here's an update of projects that has already moved to GitLab between last week and this week:
- Niepce
- GNOME Photos
- GNOME Music
- librsvg
- Meld
- libgweather
- Recipes
- Simple Scan
- Hitori
- gst-debugger
- GNOME Multi Writer
- libgepub

The goal for this week was that all newcomer projects were moved, so we can start modifying the newcomers guide. Unfortunately one of the newcomer apps, GNOME Maps, triggered a bug in the Bugzilla python tool (not our tool) and therefore is not moved yet.

As a small advice, if you want to keep subscribed to the bugs in Bugzilla you were subscribed that are migrating to GitLab, make sure your email at GitLab matches the one in If not, add it as a secondary email.

Also, if you want to receive notifications about projects migrating or requests for migration, subscribe to the "migration request" label.


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