Adding a "distraction free" mode to maximized windows?

Hello all,

I'm interested in evaluating how GNOME handles maximized windows and split windows. I've filed a feature request bug [1] with a suggestion on how to improve this handling. Is this behavior implemented at a higher level in the Shell using GJS or would it require modifications to Mutter or GTK?

Here's a quick feature enhancement summary:

When a user maximizes a window [2] in macOS it pushes the top bar [panel] out of the way and creates it's own workspace. In this mode the user can drag another window into this workspace and have a side-by-side split [3], the user can even grab the partition and realign the split. This window handling is extremely useful for coding and other intensive tasks where there’s a need to minimize distractions.

Thank you for any feedback you can provide!

Best regards,
Alex G.S.


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