Re: UX features for 3.24

On Wed, Oct 19, 2016 at 12:18 AM, Hugo Alejandro <haevalencia gmail com> wrote:
Hi, using that thread I have a doubt related with the 751212 bug and which can be resolved from the perspective of design. How handles gnome-photos importing videos from cameras?

I mean that other similar software as Gthumb, import all content (photos and video) and even allows display on the collection and play it in an integrated way, which is very user friendly, so I wondered how it would work in gnome-photos and if you have any type of integration with totem to display video collection and play.

Speaking personally, I think it would be good if photos was able to handle video as well as images. We haven't really discussed that, since we're still busy filling out basic image processing features, but it's certainly interesting.


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