GNOME Maintainers & Bug Squash Month | November 2016

Hi everyone,

As some of you may have seen on foundation-list, we're starting a new
initiative called Bug Squash Month, and it's launching now - November
2016! Alexandre (afranke) is the main organizer, so direct any
questions to him. :)

It would be particularly nice to get maintainers to help push Bug
Squash Month. What we ask from you is that you try to give your
bugtracker a special focus, even if that means writing a little less
code for a month. Try to get rid of unreviewed patches. As
maintainers, you're the ones who know the code base the best. Your
understanding will help judge what reports are obsolete. We're sure
there's a lot more you can do to get a clean slate for the coming
month, so we'll leave other ideas up to you!

We also invite you to help us welcome newcomers [0] and guide them.
You can hang out with us at #bug and be on the lookout for questions.
Your presence would be especially appreciated on the four Bug Days we
will be having [1] (the first one is this Saturday, the 5th), but feel
free to stay for the whole month, or even after that if you grow a
special interest in clean bug trackers. ;-)

Your efforts will get rewarded as you'll get new triagers who will be
able to give you relief in the future. Feedback is always welcome, so
email nuritzi [AT] or afranke [AT] if you have any
suggestions for improving this initiative in the future.

Nuritzi & Alexandre

[0] newcomers here can be both people that aren't part of GNOME yet,
and people who have contributed but don't know anything about bug
triage yet
[1] see full list of dates and read more about Bug Squash Month at

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