Re: [Evolution-hackers] Head-up: Evolution-Data-Server Camel API changes to land next week

On Mon, 2016-10-31 at 20:43 +0000, Zisu Andrei wrote:
I had some patches for the SPECIAL-USE flags, but I haven't had time
to deal with them over summer, should I also try to get those merged
before the window closed?

I suppose you mean

It'll be nice to have that part of 3.23.2, yes. If I recall correctly,
the current aim is to not change current API, only add new symbols
(without a need for the migration), which won't need a soname version
bump ideally. It's still a 3.23.x material.

Thus if you have time, please update the patch at that bug report and
we can continue there.
        Thanks and bye,

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