Re: Collaboration on standard Wayland protocol extensions

2016-03-29 6:23 GMT+03:00 Drew DeVault <sir cmpwn com>:
On 2016-03-29  2:15 AM, Martin Peres wrote:
I was proposing for applications to just bind the interface and see if it
works or not. But Giulio's proposal makes sense because it could be used to
both grant and revoke rights on the fly.

I think both solutions have similar merit and I don't feel strongly
about either one.

If the client just binds the interface the compositor needs to
immediately create the resource and send the protocol error, if the
client is not authorized. It doesn't have the time to ask the user for
input on the matter, while my proposal gives the compositor that.

No, the compositor can remember your choice.

So, you would be asking users to click on "I agree" and "remember my choice"
every time they set up a computer then :D Not nearly as bad, but still bad.

Well, I imagine we'd store their choices in a file somewhere. They can
bring that file along for the ride.

Drew DeVault
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