Re: Collaboration on standard Wayland protocol extensions

On 2016-03-28 10:50 PM, Martin Peres wrote:
Client->Server: What features do you support?
Server->Client: These privledged features are available.
Client->Server: I want this feature (nonblocking)
[compositor prompts user to agree]
Server->Client: Yes/no
[compositor enables the use of those protocols for this client]

That looks like the bind operation to me. Why do you need a
new protocol?

How do you propose clients would communicate their intentions to
compositors? I may be misunderstanding.

So, you are OK with being asked *every time* if you accept that VLC
is trying to go fullscreen? I most definitely am not :D

No, the compositor can remember your choice.

(following what chrome and firefox are doing is likely a good idea).

I agree, permission management on Firefox is good.

Drew DeVault

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