Re: Fixing calendars in GNOME

Michael Catanzaro:
Why you think California is a better bet than improving
GNOME Calendar?

Because GNOME Calendar for a long time has not even feature day or week views, which is compulsory for making daily schedules like these:

See the same schedule as above in GNOME Calendar. It just piles up events, and you cannot see when a time frame ends and the next one starts:

In California that works beautifully well:

In the end of the day I do not care about what is the application name, as long as daily scheduling works!

Do you think this is going to be included?

Michael Catanzaro:
> You linked to Ubuntu's downstream bugtracker; California uses
> for bug tracking

I did that because all those reports in Launchpad were opened by me, and indicate the points I thought myself California was lacking:

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