3.19.92, target bugs

One the eve of the 3.19.92 release, here is a last look at the crasher
and other serious bugs that would be good to have fixed for 3.20.

Matthias, for the release team


755721 glib g_inotify_file_monitor_start called with nullpointer for
dirname causes a segfault
762838 evince Browser plugin crash in NPP_Destroy if tab closed when
search box is open
761988 gnome-music Music crashes when click on undo button.
763528 NetworkManager crash when clicking 'Network' icon

Wayland issues

762931 gnome-shell Shutdown/Log Out buttons in Wayland session don't
terminate the session or shut down the system
758167 mutter Not able to reply in notifications on Wayland
763507 mutter Wayland: "Always on visible workspace" breaks mouse events
748098 gdm monitors.xml not working in GDM when running under Wayland
760745 mutter 100% CPU : Error transferring wayland clipboard to X11


757243 gnome-initial- Obscure input methods prioritised in the list
761765 bijiben Notes have a grey background rather than a custom color
763036 gtk+ file-chooser: cannot drag selected item
761175 librsvg Svg rendering regression from commit 3ae509 onwards
763465 gtk-doc released version of gtk-doc no longer understands
cross-reference data in gtk+
763222 gnome-shell gear icon is missing

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