Re: Builder 3.22 Planning

Wow, this is quite a list!

## Panel Engine

Plugins have become a necessity for Builder for a few reasons. Now that
developers are starting to extend Builder, we need to come up with a way
to manage panels that has some degree of flexibility without
compromising our "code-first" editing story.

Work has started on a new panel engine for GTK+.

Some of the widgets required for this are definitively on the wishlist
for merging into GTK+ (tab strip, multi-paned, etc).

## Improved Shortcuts

One thing that has gotten significantly more difficult since the
GtkActionGroup/GtkUIManager days is managing complex shortcut engines.
Especially when you need pre-defined sets of keybindings. Some
applications such as GIMP might want a "Photoshop emulation" layer.

Builder has this problem with managing Vim, Emacs, and Gedit keybinding
modes. We intend to improve this story in 3.22 and bridge the gap
between GAction, G_SIGNAL_ACTION, and custom keyboard shortcut layers.

This is also interesting for GTK+. Improving our infrastructure in
this area would be nice.

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