Re: Including content ratings in games

On 09/03/16 13:57, Richard Hughes wrote:
Sorry for the potentially off-topic posting. I've been working on a
new content rating system called OARS.

Here's an earlier attempt at the same thing, which if I remember
correctly was led by Miriam Ruiz of the Debian games team:
<>. I don't think it ever went into
production, but it has what looks to me to be a fairly comprehensive
list of descriptors, and some attempt at being culture-neutral/not
applying any particular value judgements. (But I am not a parent or
teacher, so don't necessarily trust my opinion of content-rating systems.)

Debian publishes Appstream metadata now, so there's nothing that would
stop us from publishing content ratings there.

This seems like something that doesn't need to be GNOME-specific, and
indeed probably shouldn't be, particularly if you want random game
upstreams to be adding this information.


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