Re: [ Revised Proposal ] Continuous Builds in GNOME

On Thu, 2016-06-16 at 14:16 +0900, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
  o The integration branch of every module is continuously
    reconstructed based on that module's master branch.

as the 'integration' branch targets only jhbuild, then it doesn't make
sense to add it at each git module, no? Thinking of it, instead of
playing with a jhbuild only, you propose to add one more layer (and
place of possible issues) between the git master <-> jhbuild
connection. The proposal, as I understand it, is:
  git master <-> git integration <-> jhbuild
where the git integration can be sometimes skipped in the jhbuild. But
as you already have a functionality to skip some commits inside the
jhbuild, and the integration branch is meant to do exactly that, then
why to have one software which would eat only space on a disk in each
git module with a new branch history, instead of writing the automated
build tool which would cooperate directly with the jhbuild setup? You
also want to add some restrictions on the git integration branch, which
is even more unnecessary work.

Not having the branch will make things easier for the developers and
new comers too, as there will be no confusion for them. Having
somewhere a super-detailed description of the integration branch
intention is nice, but it'll be easy to forget of it during the time.

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