Re: Continuous Builds in GNOME

On Tue, Jun 07, 2016 at 05:24:21PM +0900, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
One approach might be a setup where we have an RC branch opened for
integration of changes from master at the beginning of each cycle -
this could be a sort of "soft master" that builds but might not be
bleeding edge in every way, it could benefit new comers as they could
still submit patches against the RC branch and it should at least
successfully build all projects from scratch. Also it could benefit the
release team inasmuch as we could have constant awareness of exactly
how much of the bleeding edge currently integrates at a given time.

I strongly disagree with holding project maintainers responsible for
creating feature branches and burdening them with the duty of updating
other modules not under their control, especially for reasons already
outlined in [0], however perhaps a uniform 'integration' CI branch
could be automated to a certain extent, as gnome-continuous currently
blacklists not-building modules, it could instead be made to guess what
changes break a build and recreate the integration branch without the
said failing patch, performing tries with merges from master until
something builds and integration can again include the new changes.

This of course, requires real thought and engineering, but I wanted to
at least offer some technical input, some starting point that could be
explored - this wont be solved without real engineering, trial and

It's similar to the "master/master-stable-next/master-stable" branches
concept that I thought about in this previous sub-thread. See those two

It doesn't look like rocket science to me, and it would get us closer to
continuous delivery.


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