Re: Design help requested: Certificate Chooser UI.

On Fri, 2016-06-10 at 06:35 -0400, Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos wrote:
Only a nitpick. "Choose from PKCS#11" is very cryptic for users. I don't
expect from someone not working in security to understand what is this
about. "Choose from smart card" is something more approachable.

Except it isn't correct either. Since 'smart card' then includes such
locations as GNOME Keyring, and the user's NSS database.

Seriously, the *good* way to do this from the UX point of view is just
to make the PKCS#11 tokens show up as locations/shortcuts in the
chooser, alongside the various directories. That's what you had in the
design study:

The only problem with this is that it's hard to expose the internals of
the GtkFileChooser to allow us to 'take over' the internal
browse_files_stack and display our own list of objects within the token
— which we need because it needs to look like the Seahorse display in
the main pane of and the 'file
browser' doesn't cut it.

And obviously we don't want to use something *other* than a
GtkFileChooser for the case where the user *is* actually choosing
files; that would be horrid too.

If we can't fix this to be like the mockup, maybe the least-bad option
is to have two separate 'places sidebars' side by side. The first isn't
really a GtkPlacesSidebar; it's a lit of all the PKCS#11 tokens PLUS
'File system'. And then when it's selected, the GtkFileChooser with its
own GtkPlacesSidebar is shown next to it. So it's...

| PIV_II             | Recent
| Gnome2 Key Storage | Home
| Gemalto            | Documents
| Entersafe          | Downloads
|                    | ...
|→File system←       |
|                    |

That is still marginally confusing — users will ask why can't they all
be in the *same* list instead of having to select 'File system' first?
But at least it isn't as bad as our current hack.

If the GtkFileChooser would just allow us to use it *without* its own
GtkPlacesSidebar, that would probably suffice...


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