Re: GNOME Games source name

Hi Jeremy,

There has been long discussions about this and unfortunately no other name fitted the application better than gnome-games as all other name suggestions didn't reflect well enough what the application does: i.e. gnome-games-launcher probably wouldn't work as the application doesn't "launch" most games as if they were external applications but run them just as a video player plays a video: most games are (as of now) running in the same process as the application and the video output is embedded inside the application's window.

What about renaming the metapackage to gnome-games-collection instead as it matches well what it really is?

I'm not against having a fancy package name not matching the application's one like "nautilus" or "bijiben" as long as having to deal with two different names isn't a problem for end users, though I'm pretty sure it is a problem for some end users.

To sum up my point of view:
- let's rather rename the metapackage to gnome-games-collection,
- if really _really_ it can't be done, let's find a nice new name to the application.

Adrien Plazas

Le mer. 1 juin 2016 à 5:40, Jeremy Bicha <jbicha linux com> a écrit :
It's very confusing to have a new app whose source is named gnome-games [1] since that name was already used not that long ago.[2] On Debian and derivatives, gnome-games is still in active use [3] as a metapackage for those who would like to easily install all of the games in the gnome-apps moduleset.[4] As far as I know, the new gnome-games has not been picked up by distros yet, so a rename now should be minimally disruptive. Note: My objection here's isn't to the display name of "Games" or "GNOME Games". I believe the source package needs a different name though. A quick look at the description field of the git repo suggests one potential new name: gnome-games-launcher. Thanks, Jeremy [1] [2] [3] [4] _______________________________________________ desktop-devel-list mailing list desktop-devel-list gnome org

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