Re: libgnomekbd development

On 22.01.16 14:57, Antonio Ospite wrote:
The keyboard widget is also very useful when testing xkb geometries and
layouts, so it makes sense to keep it alive and maintained IMHO.

For instance I am using it to experiment with custom keyboard layouts
and it's a lot nicer then xkbprint:)

I have some more patches (autotools updates, some gtk deprecation fixes,
a fix for a SIGSEGV) and a question about how to use
gkbd_keyboard_drawing_set_groups_levels() from python.

I'll open other bugzilla reports hoping that someone finds the time to
go through them.

Ciao ciao,
My guess is you're are most probably the only user and active developer in the same time at the moment, so it's okay if you maintain and push your patches yourself. Don't be hesitate to ask for corresponding permissions here.

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