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On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 9:33 AM, Jasper St. Pierre <jstpierre mecheye net> wrote:
My opinion, which some of you know -- is that we should just get rid
of the crazy overrides and just have helper modules for those.
Gio.DBus is my least favorite of all of these.

The point of docs is not to make technical decisions, but to document the decisions that were already made. Gio.DBus is a reality today, and it's used by multiple projects. It's what maintainers of current gjs apps will expect newcomers will use in patches, and it should be documented.

I agree with you Gio.DBus was designed badly, but Gio.DBus2 was never merged and we all lost interest in it, so we're sticking with it. Also, I don't agree that GObject.Class or Gtk.WidgetClass are bad, they do their job (with a few quirks, like signal overriding).



On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 9:31 AM, Giovanni Campagna
<scampa giovanni gmail com> wrote:
 Hi Philip!

 On Tue, Jan 5, 2016 at 11:08 PM, philip chimento gmail com wrote:


I've been working on a documentation browser for documentation generated from GObject introspection files. Besides good old DevHelp on the desktop, there are several good online open-source documentation browsers that already exist, and one of them is DevDocs [1] which has lots of nifty features such as fuzzy search and storing documentation for offline use.

I have a branch of gobject-introspection [2] which modifies g-ir-doc-tool to generate docs that can then be imported by a branch of DevDocs [3]. Among the modifications to g-ir-doc-tool is a refactoring to give it an output
 format switch which I've already filed as bgo#750534 [4].

I've hosted an instance of the modified DevDocs on AWS [5]. This link is temporary, because at some point it'll start costing me money. I also have instructions [6] for how I set up DevDocs from a bare RHEL 7 install on AWS
 in case anyone wants to replicate it themselves.

If you're interested in this, please give it a try and let me know your thoughts and suggestions. I'm hoping to get more people interested in it,
 especially with the upcoming DX hackfest.

 Thanks for working on this.
Compared to my previous effort, but similar to other efforts, this lacks the manual docs that were written for GLib and GObject (eg GObject.Class,
 GObject.Void and GLib.Variant).
What is the best way to bridge those documents to the new system? Is it possible to manually edit the output of the modified g-ir-doc-tool, at least for GLib, GObject? Gio (Gio.DBus) and Gtk (Gtk.WidgetClass override for
 templates) potentially need manual editing too.
Also, it seems the parameter naming and listing is wrong/confusing for out parameters and for arrays (I haven't checked callbacks), which is surprising since g-ir-doc-tool should do the right thing. Unfortunately, those are the
 most painful points to understand when using gjs, so they need to be
 addressed before this goes public.



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