Re: Another look at 3.20 bugs

On Thu, 2016-02-25 at 10:26 -0500, Matthias Clasen wrote:
Here is another look at the bugs marked as 3.20 target; thankfully,
some have disappeared from the list since I first posted it a week
ago. Some new ones have appeared, so the numbers haven't really gone
down much.

If you can, please help us make 3.20 a great release by looking at
of these bugs this week.


Matthias, for the release team

Dependency cleanup

I was tempted to drop these bugs from the list since there is
realistically little chance
that they will get addressed for 3.20. But then, maybe we should take
this as a hint to
consider dropping these modules if they don't get any maintenance.
be happy to get
some input on this...

Theme/UI issues

761765     bijiben     Notes have a grey background rather than a
custom color
761759     gnome-contacts     Header bar elements are too narrow,
aren't aligned with sidebar
745603     gnome-control-     Language dialog has incorrect default
761939     gnome-control-     Blank/empty universal access settings

I'm fairly certain that this is a GTK+ bug. I see nothing in gnome-
control-center that could have caused it to regress. gnome-control-
center 3.18.2 with the newer GTK+ also exhibits the problem.


758575     gnome-disk-uti     Accessible event spam when
creating/restoring disk images
704956     gnome-initial-     asks for keyring password
750508     gnome-session     Logout is broken (a) when session
inhibitor is active and (b) after logout is canceled once
761317     gnome-settings     housekeeping: /tmp/.X11-unix/X0 socket
gets removed during housecleaning

This is your code, isn't it? :)

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