Another look at 3.20 bugs

Here is another look at the bugs marked as 3.20 target; thankfully,
some have disappeared from the list since I first posted it a week
ago. Some new ones have appeared, so the numbers haven't really gone
down much.

If you can, please help us make 3.20 a great release by looking at one
of these bugs this week.


Matthias, for the release team

Dependency cleanup

I was tempted to drop these bugs from the list since there is
realistically little chance
that they will get addressed for 3.20. But then, maybe we should take
this as a hint to
consider dropping these modules if they don't get any maintenance. I'd
be happy to get
some input on this...

728293     bijiben     Port to WebKit2 or GtkTextView
749001     empathy     Port to webkit2
751185     empathy     Use clutter-gst-3.0
686373     general     [META] Switch to WebKit2
705069     gnome-music     Port from dbus-python to Gio GDBus API
760887     NetworkManager     Do not depend on deprecated libnm-glib
or dbus-glib when we only want to build the new libnma library

Theme/UI issues

761765     bijiben     Notes have a grey background rather than a custom color
761759     gnome-contacts     Header bar elements are too narrow,
aren't aligned with sidebar
745603     gnome-control-     Language dialog has incorrect default size
761939     gnome-control-     Blank/empty universal access settings panel
757243     gnome-initial-     Obscure input methods prioritised in the list
757503     gtk+     Selected text is white on white (invisible) -
WebKit1 / GTK+ 3.19.7 & Adwaita
760560     gtk+     Icon buttons wider in GTK+ 3.19.6
761686     gtk+     GtkTreeView theming problems

Wayland support

748098     gdm     monitors.xml not working in GDM when running under Wayland
695806     general     [TRACKER] Wayland support
756579     gtk+     GTK should let GDK position menus
760567     gtk+     GDK screen size does not count for HiDPI on Wayland
762468     gtk+     wayland: Switching between fullscreen and
unfullscreen too fast may result in a fullscreen->unfullscreen
feedback loop
762561  gtk+     Implement primary selection protocol
749913     mutter     wayland: Send frame callbacks when native
hardware cursors get set
760745     mutter     100% CPU : Error transferring wayland clipboard to X11
762104     mutter     handle dnd drops on the root window
762560  mutter     Implement primary selection protocol


755721     glib     g_inotify_file_monitor_start called with
nullpointer for dirname causes a segfault
761988     gnome-music     Music crashes when click on undo button.
762250     gvfs     fuse daemon crashes when exiting


758575     gnome-disk-uti     Accessible event spam when
creating/restoring disk images
704956     gnome-initial-     asks for keyring password
750508     gnome-session     Logout is broken (a) when session
inhibitor is active and (b) after logout is canceled once
761317     gnome-settings     housekeeping: /tmp/.X11-unix/X0 socket
gets removed during housecleaning
758893     gnome-shell     Journal spam: Gdk-WARNING **:
gdk-frame-clock: layout continuously requested, giving up after 4
757934     gobject-intros     g-ir-scanner should not use system-provided CFLAGS
761175     librsvg     Svg rendering regression from commit 3ae509 onwards
762226     tracker     tracker broken if initial database was created
while sqlite 3.11.0 is installed.

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