GSoC Mentors, fill interns final evaluations

Hello GSoC Mentors,

Google Summer of Code is approaching its end, and interns should have written their final submissions by now. 
We hope you enjoyed the ride and that your students enjoyed it too!

It's time for mentors to write the final evaluations of their students. You need to complete them no later 
than 26-08-2016 (that's three days from now). Failing to do so will make the student fail the program.
Please go to and fill the evaluations, the sooner the better, 
so we can manage any problem that might arise.

Don't hesitate to contact us at soc-admins gnome org or directly to any of us if you have any problem or you 
have any doubts about the final evaluation of your student. We are happy to provide any advice.


Best regards,
GSoC GNOME admins

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