Re: gettext

Patrick Welche <prlw1 cam ac uk> writes:

Another surprise:

$ autoreconf -vif
$ mkdir obj
$ cd obj
$ ../configure
$ cd po
$ ls
Makefile  POTFILES
$ make
cd ../../po && rm -f && /usr/bin/msgfmt -c --statistics
--verbose -o cs.po
250 translated messages.
$ ls
Makefile  POTFILES
$ ls ../../po/

Problem is, the comes from gettext 19.8.1 so fiddling to
use objdir is "interesting".

Non-source tree builds impossible?

I haven't checked other implementations yet, but I would say that the
behaviour is normal, at least in the context of automake:
     The build tree is rooted in the directory in which ‘configure’ was
  run, and is populated with all object files, programs, libraries, and
  other derived files built from the sources (and _hence not distributed_).

Since .gmo files are distributed, like ./configure, .info files, or Vala
generated .c files, they should be generated in $srcdir, rather than

Daiki Ueno

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