Re: Changing gnome-love to newcomers

Le 2015-09-07 10:29, Carlos Soriano Sanchez a écrit :
I think we are thinking only about Bugzilla, but the change should be
across the wiki and IRC as well.
So I don't think "easyfix" or "beginner-friendly" is a good fit.
I recommend the easiest and more compressible word you can think of;
so I would go with "newcomers".

"beginners" ? I prefer it over "newcommers" because you can still feel a
beginner in some areas even if you've been around for some time.
That's also the keyword most people would use on a search engine I think,
so I'd prefer simplicity and obviousness over fancy names (otherwise I'd
have chosen "starters", so people would know where to start their meal :p).

Also, I think having the same name for IRC channel and bugzilla keyword as
before would be nice.

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