Re: Bugfix in gnome-sound-recorder

Hi Meg

On 2015-10-29 20:04, meg ford <meg387 gmail com> wrote:
Last week I got a report about a bug which broke the waveforms in
gnome-sound-recorder in 3.18.1. The problem was caused by improvements
which made GStreamer faster and uncovered an uncaught exception in my code.
Since 3.18.1 was the last release I made for 3.18, and I've never had to do
a bugfix, I don't know how to proceed. Is there some way to distribute a
version with the patch? Do I need to file patches to downstream versions?

The 3.18.2 release is scheduled for 2015-11-09, according to

Depending on how serious you think the bug is, you can make a new tarball release now, or just wait until the next stable release. I have added the patch to the Fedora package, and it is easy to update to a tarball release when that happens (either for 3.18.2 or or similar).

For serious issues, it can be worth emailing <distributor-list gnome org>:

That is generally the place to email if there is some major (ABI-breaking, for example) change that could affect other projects.

Thanks for taking the time to notify people about the bug and fix!


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