Re: GNOME 3.20 targetting grilo 0.3 (master)

On 25/10/15 01:46, Michael Catanzaro wrote:
depends on python-dbus, which is in gnome-world (so it is not an
acceptable dependency) and which itself depends on pygobject2.

dbus-python can use either gi (PyGObject 3) or gobject (PyGObject 2). I
think I merged the patch to move all the examples and tests to gi. It is
under-maintained - the time I can spend on D-Bus is limited, and
dbus-python is not a particularly high priority within that time - but
it does work.

For GNOME/Gtk software, and to a lesser extent Python software in
general, I would recommend GDBus via gi over dbus-python. dbus-python
has some historical design issues (too much do-what-I-mean, mostly), and
its main advantage at this point is "compatible with legacy code that
already used it"; I can't fix the design issues without breaking that
property, at which point it would lose its one advantage.

-dbus can be built with python3 in theory, and it is on Fedora, but I
didn't manage to build it with python3 in jhbuild after a quick attempt
(autogenargs="PYTHON=python3") due to a compilation error.

Please report that compilation error to Bugzilla. I know
that it can compile and work with Python 3, because Debian's packaging
for dbus-python provides Python 2 and 3 binaries (python-dbus and
python3-dbus respectively).

Simon McVittie
Collabora Ltd. <>

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