Re: GNOME 3.20 targetting grilo 0.3 (master)

On Wed, 2015-10-21 at 13:37 +0200, Bastien Nocera wrote:

As the subject says, we're looking to release a grilo 0.3 version
with GNOME 3.20. We're taking the opportunity to break API. Porting
from 0.2 should be straight forward:
- fix the deprecation warnings with the latest 0.2.x version
- changes grilo-0.2 to grilo-0.3 in your configure script

File bugs against grilo in the GNOME Bugzilla if you've used grilo
had trouble using the API, this is the right time for this!


So far, everything has been ported to grilo-0.3 except gnome-music. But
gnome-music was already broken in jhbuild, so doesn't matter. It
depends on python-dbus, which is in gnome-world (so it is not an
acceptable dependency) and which itself depends on pygobject2. python
-dbus can be built with python3 in theory, and it is on Fedora, but I
didn't manage to build it with python3 in jhbuild after a quick attempt
(autogenargs="PYTHON=python3") due to a compilation error. Unless
someone wants to fix this (and port to grilo-0.3) ASAP, I think we'll
need to remove gnome-music from gnome-apps. :/


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