Re: GNOME Shell browser plugin

This is what it started out as. An HTTP server hosted locally which
the website would poke. The issue happens with multi-user support --
how do you pick a port number that works for all users on a system?

While I don't have much to do with extensions anymore, my advice would
be to build a local client. Perhaps just complete the one in GNOME
Tweak Tool, and suggest that as the recommended way to install
extensions. I would be more than happy to give advice about how to do
that, even if I can't commit to writing code for it.

On Fri, Nov 6, 2015 at 9:23 AM, Nicolas Dufresne
<nicolas dufresne collabora com> wrote:
Le vendredi 06 novembre 2015 à 16:05 +0100, Carlos Garcia Campos a
écrit :
Of course it would be better to switch to any other thing that works
all browsers, but what?

We could create a websocket service on localhost, and create a simple
Web page that speak with that service. Websocket is not supported by
libsoup, so writing GLib code is really simple.

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