Re: Death of gnome-common

This is a nit, but I think the 'set -x' to 'set +x' at the end of the
sample is too expansive, since it results in the conditional
tests being printed as independent statements:

autoreconf: Leaving directory `.'
+ '[' '' = '' ']'
+ ./configure --prefix /home/mcatanzaro/jhbuild/install --disable
-static --disable-gtk-doc --disable-Werror

I would probably move the 'set +x' up to after running autoreconf,
perhaps with another pair around configure:

set -x
aclocal --install || exit 1
intltoolize --force --copy --automake || exit 1
autoreconf --verbose --force --install -Wno-portability || exit 1
set +x

if [ "$NOCONFIGURE" = "" ]; then
        set -x
        $srcdir/configure "$@" || exit 1
        set +x

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