Dictionary sources selection ideas

Hi all,

I'm looking for ideas for implementing source and database selection in
GNOME Dictionary.

Just a bit of background: Dictionary manages sources, which are
basically DICT servers, that provide one or more database, which are
the dictionaries properly. Therefore, for performing a search in a
dictionary, the user shall select both a source and a database within
that source.

I think this setting must be available next to the search bar. My first
attempt was to show a popover in the primary button of the text entry
(see attached screenshot). However, this approach would make the user
unaware of what dictionary is she searching in. So now I think a menu
button would fit better, as we can show as text the name of the source
and dictionary currently selected. What do you think?

Also, my approach would include, in both the menu button and the entry
button cases, a menu model representing the sources-databases tree. Is
this a correct use of GMenuModel? I would like to show the user a two
tier hierarchy as main menu and submenus.

Thank you very much in advance. Best regards,

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