Re: Future of libRSVG

Hi André,

thank you for you open and honest words. That's sadly what I observed, too.
So anybody who feels fit to step in as maintainer and bring back some life into the project could be sure of my gratitude!

Am 18.01.2015 um 01:06 schrieb Andre Klapper:
Speaking as a non-programmer & GNOME volunteer (NOT with my Wikimedia hat on), librsvg consumers should evaluate more maintained (and hence also more secure and future-proof?) libraries for dealing with SVG.

With your Wikimedia hat ON:
Could you encourage the right people at WMF to either
  1. Get a WMF developer to work (at least part time) on maintenance of libRSVG? This way we could at least get all the patches merged, that were already provided by volunteers over the last months/years. This would not only benefit Wikimedia projects but everybody using libRSVG!
  2. Evaluate the usage of libRSVG in WMF projects (if there is no willingness to donate resources). Wikimedia projects might as well switch to a more maintained library then (as you suggest yourself).
    (Maybe it's even time to stop delivering pre-rendered PNGs and directly send the SVG file to browsers with sufficient support.)


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