Standardizing the "latest dev code" Version field value in GNOME Bugzilla?

Welcome GNOME community to this bikeshed!

Many products in Bugzilla's {Core, Platform, Bindings, Applications}
classifications have entries in the "Version" field which refer to
"latest dev code, not expressed via some version number".

We have 18 different names for describing that in GNOME Bugzilla.
See the list below.

I bring that up on d-d-l because it was brought up ages ago in and to some extend
also in


1) Does this variety of names create a real problem?
For example, does it make using git-bz harder (remembering the version
value, assuming you mostly develop against the latest code)? 
Do you care / do enough people use git-bz / do people not use git-bz
because of this? Other reasons?

2) Shall we standardize this? (I volunteer to rename; "git master" seems
to be the most popular option.) Or is that a waste of time?


      * CVS (head) (2: libxml2, libxslt)
      * CVS (1: libxml++)
      * CVS HEAD (6: gnome-backgrounds, gnome-menus, gnome-user-share,
        atk, anjuta, gconf-editor)
      * SVN (2: adwaita-icon-theme, sound-juicer)
      * SVN trunk (3: gnome-desktop, gnome-session, libwnck)
      * SVN TRUNK (1: anjuta)
      * GIT (1: Gnumeric)
      * git (2: Gstreamer, cheese)
      * git master (56: baobab, dconf, gnome-color-manager,
        gnome-dictionary, gnome-font-viewer, gnome-packagekit,
        gnome-screenshot, gnome-system-log, gnome-themes-standard,
        gsettings-desktop-schemas, gvfs, json-lib, librsvg, mutter,
        yelp-tools, yelp-xsl, clutter, cogl, folks, gdk-pixbuf,
        gtksourceview, libgdata, libgee, libnotify, libpeas, librest,
        NetworkManager, gstreamermm, gstreamermm-plugins-good,
        librsvgmm, libvtemm, mm-common, anjuta, caribou, five-or-more,
        four-in-a-row, gedit, glade, gnome-chess, gnome-getting-started,
        gnome-klotski, gnome-mahjongg, gnome-maps, gnome-mines,
        gnome-nettool, gnome-nibbles, gnome-robots, gnome-search-tool,
        gnome-sudoku, gnome-tetravex, gnote, iagno, lightsoff,
        quadrapassel, swell-foop, transmageddon)
      * Git master (1: pygobject)
      * Git Master (2: pygtk, pygtksourceview)
      * GIT master (1: ekiga)
      * git head (2: seed, gitg)
      * trunk (5: eog, gnome-control-center, tracker, devhelp,
      * Trunk (2: gnome-keyring, hitori)
      * master (10: epiphany, evince, gnome-calculator, gnome-terminal,
        gucharmap, vte, brasero, Rygel, vinagre, vino)
      * HEAD (4: gnome-common, system-monitor, seahorse, Yelp)

This thread is NOT about discussing e.g. "Component: General" or
"Version: unspecified". Also, whether project X should really be in
classification Y, or if project Z is active, is a different topic.
If you want to discuss such topics, start your new thread with a
separate mail subject in a few days. Only one bikeshed at a time!

Andre Klapper  |  ak-47 gmx net

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