Librsvg 2.40.8 is released

Dear lovers of fast vectors,

Here is a new release of librsvg, everyone's favorite SVG rendering
library.  There is a fuzz-testing bugfix in this release, and a few
minor optimizations.

I removed a libart-ism which I then had to revert, because it caused
incorrect rendering (see bug #745177).  If anyone has any clue of why we
need a "moveto" after "closepath", I'm all ears :)

Anyway, you can get librsvg-2.40.8 here:


724ae4a17fe70729a6b44fefbd4f68b7f8d63902e361cf40c7105b2a35ed2ede  librsvg-2.40.8.changes
0af42ec79ebfc70f980a9adf63f1b63d8150457dc7140dd041484e8c60d5387a  librsvg-2.40.8.tar.xz

Changes in this release:

- Bugs fixed from fuzz testing: #744688 - possible double g_free()
  when processing stroke-dasharray
- Optimize rendering of polylines, lines, rectangles, circles, and
  ellipses.  These should be marginally faster, marginally more
  precise, and should put less pressure on the memory allocator.



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