GNOME 3.16 Blocker Report

Blocker bugs are listed on your product's overview page:

Feel encouraged to take a look / update the status etc.

=== bijiben ==

Popover placement issues

=== evolution-data-server ==

Gnome shell keeps poping modal dialog for gmail password

=== folks ==

Store state about enabled BlueZ persona stores

=== gnome-calculator ==

Awkward relationship between input area and results list

=== gnome-documents ==

List view looks messy

=== gnome-music ==

Visible content loading

=== gnome-photos ==

better performing thumbnails

=== gnome-shell ==

Disabled app-menu entries should look disabled

Candidate window not functioning on overview

Legacy tray icons of some applications either too small or appear blank/missing

display legacy status icons somewhere

Previous-/Next-page buttons for IME candidates are wrong

Modal password boxes prevent users from looking up or generating passwords

No follow-up notification after reacting to chat message

mouse hover and keyboard focus identical

Wi-Fi password dialog pops up without invitation

=== gnome-software ==

list of updates disappears after removing an app

doesn't show updates when there are updates

=== gnome-user-share ==

Nautilus infobar for personal file sharing is ambigous

=== gtk+ ==

Frame clock synchronization broken

avahi-discovered CUPS printers don't work

=== mutter ==

[REGRESSION] [Notifications] incomplete screenshots when opened notifications/calendar from top panel

=== nautilus ==

Tooltip display for last item makes item uneditable (when not using status bar)

=== totem ==

Properties should be available from overview

=== yelp ==

Home page isn't very attractive / engaging

====Further bugs good to fix ("3.16" in the Whiteboard field):====

=== evolution-data-server ==

Gnome shell keeps poping modal dialog for gmail password

=== gdm ==

login screen stuck after switching users

=== mutter ==

gdm greeter crash

=== totem ==

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Andre Klapper  |  ak-47 gmx net

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