Librsvg 2.40.7 is released

Dear lovers of smooth vectors,

As I announced in [1], I've taken over the maintainership of librsvg.
There is cool stuff going on in this release!

Atte Kettunen, of the Oulu University Secure Programming Group, has been
doing fuzz testing of librsvg, and some very interesting bugs are
appearing.  I've been fixing them, and this release contains the first
batch of fixes.

Librsvg 2.40.7 is available at


935ffb7a04bcb85b0bca149272dc33fe4d460464bb8fff0e2b16fe308ad6ff35  librsvg-2.40.7.changes
6ecb7ae2f75408f0c046166f327e50cefc57eb874e3c7ba43cd4daa10d5a0501  librsvg-2.40.7.tar.xz

Changes in this release:

- Bugs fixed from fuzz testing: #703102, #738050, #738169, #744270,
- Fixed unfiled bug from fuzz testing, where the convolution filter
  had an integer multiplication overflow.
- Fix build of rsvg-convert on Windows.
- Fix a bunch of compiler warnings.




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