Re: Feedback from downstreams presentation from DX hackfest 2015

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 6. Devhelp needs to give you documentation for the version of the
    library you’re using (e.g. in JHBuild), not the version installed on
    your system, which is invariably outdated.

Last year I started some work to allow kind of 'profiles' in Devhelp.
The basic profile would be the current default behavior of looking for
books in the default system paths. Then, users could also create their
own profiles, e.g. based on a custom --prefix. Following the same idea,
a default "jhbuild" profile could look for books in jhbuild's default
install path. There's a branch in devhelp's git with that work started.

 5. Documents need to be available offline in Devhelp.

We also had some other ideas, like being able to define profiles for
different target gnome versions, and then get the books for that version
directly from somewhere in

4. Instant gratification: documentation changes should be visible
    instantly, rather than waiting 6 months for a GNOME release before
    the docs hit

Devhelp could also have a 'next' or 'latest' default profile which could
sync the daily? built documentation from Although not sure
how useful this could be if we setup the default jhbuild-based profile.

I personally think that the profiles idea could be a good one, also as a
first step for the next stuff. What do others think?

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