Re: GNOME Software and fwupd

Hi Richard

Richard Hughes wrote:
I've just merged a patch to gnome-software which adds an optional (but
default enabled) dependency on fwupd[1]. The fwupd project just
provides a DBus interface for applying low-level firmware to various
types of devices.

I don't know if this makes sense for the continuous integration
server. I don't know if it makes sense to enable by default.
Installing firmware on more devices would be awesome (and make them
more secure) but it is Yet Another Dep.

Comments welcome,

If it stays enabled by default it would have to be added to jhbuild
(or the moduleset changed to disable it forcefully, but that's not
nice), and this would work as long as fwupdate is installed
system-wide, right?

Release-team-hat-on, in time of releases it would help to have
tarballs created with 'make dist(check)' (I think github allows this,
but if that was not the case they could certainly be pushed onto the
GNOME ftp server).


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