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On 4 April 2015 at 18:52, Sébastien D. <se8 and gmail com> wrote:

But as a desktop user, the navigation between applications is a pain
to work with. I have tried hard to get used to, but it's still not a
smooth process. Maybe it's just me. Or maybe Gnome is more targeted
for laptops and tablets.

Leaving tablets aside, I honestly don't see the difference between the
desktop and laptop use cases. You can access the overview using the
Super/Windows/Command key on your keyboard, or using the hot corner at
the top-left. You can also use the Super + Tab key to get a list of
running applications and switch between them, or between every window.

So, a quick idea : now that notifications have moved away, why not put
a permanent dock in the bottom of the screen (like OS X or something
like that) ?

What prevents you from installing a dock utility? I mean, there are
various utilities, let alone Shell extensions, that expose a dock
already. What would be gained in having a dock always visible on the
desktop, except MacOS doing that?

I know that extensions can just do that, but it could be a good move
to win back desktop users (and distributions).

While I think we can discuss whether the presence of a dock could
ensure gaining users, I also don't think GNOME needs to "win back"
users in the first place. I doubt not having a dock is the only
determining factor in people choosing a specific environment or


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