GNOME 3.14 Blocker Report (week 38, what's left.)

Welcome to a last (?) round of "TODO:XXX: FIX ME TIL MONDAY!":

== gnome-contacts ==

Make the search provider work again
  Untested patch attached.

== gnome-photos ==

gnome-photos: g_str_hash(): gnome-photos killed by SIGSEGV
  Stacktrace available but no further investigation yet.

== gnome-software ==

Core dump due to the assertion failed
  Reporter provided more info via log attached.

== gnome-tweak-tool == 'version'
  Anyone willing to try/comment on the attached 10-line Python patch?
  Not sure if Tweak Tool's maintainer is still alive...

== gnome-weather ==

gnome-weather leaks information of your saved locations in cleartext
when not using the app
  Unclear if more work needs to be done here?

== mutter ==

Nautilus window becomes larger every time when opening
  Cosimo could reproduce this.

===Three more reports that might be good to fix:===

== adwaita-icon-theme ==

Spinner has ghosting artifacts (alpha issue with xcursorgen)

== gnome-photos ==

Would be nice to have a smooth sliding transition between photos
  Debarshi: Allan says this should get reverted for 3.14.

== gnome-settings-daemon ==

use IBus 1.5 api when obtain keyboard variant & option.

Andre Klapper  |  ak-47 gmx net

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