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I've received help from #gtk+ on that has got me unstuck with this knowledge:

+ I must compile the schema to create a cache file. This cache file is what gsettings uses.
+ I can include a cache file in my source distribution as it is platform independent. So, I only need to compile once per release, and no users will need to do the compile step.
+ This page answers my exact question:
How can I install a Gsettings Schema without root privileges?
+ Once I have my compiled schema, I can use it (in my specific case) as:
  """ this seems to work, when the plugin is not installed as root."""
  schema_dir = os.path.join(self.plugin_info.get_module_dir(), "gutenberg")
  schema_source = Gio.SettingsSchemaSource.new_from_directory(
  schema = schema_source.lookup('org.gnome.rhythmbox.plugins.gutenberg', False)
  self.settings = Gio.Settings.new_full(schema, None, None)
  self.settings.set_boolean('my-bool-setting', False)

^ I imagine there is a nicer way than this - but I wanted to share this method with any other hackers.


From: Richard Henwood <rjhenwood yahoo co uk>
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Subject: gio settings schema

Hi All,

I'm writing a plugin in python for Rhythmbox. I want to use GSettings to record the state of the plugin.

I feel like I should be able to do something like:

  if source.lookup("org.gnome.rhythmbox.plugins.gutenberg", True):
    print ("got settings.")
    print("seems like settings are missing. Creating new ones.")
    self.settings ="org.gnome.rhythmbox.plugins.gutenberg")

... but I can't - and it seems [1] I need to create a schema manually, as root, by copying a file into /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/

This feels weird to me: I can install my plug-in as a user, but I can't create a GSetting (that I think my plugin should be using for good hygiene). I imagine I've missed something - and I'd appreciate guidance back to the path.

best regards,
Using GSettings with Python/PyGObject
Example Python program using GSettings with PyGObject in GNOME 3.
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