gnome-control-center - Adding natural scrolling support for mouse


My name is Diego Giagio, I'm a software developer and this is my first email to this list. I want to contribute a patch to gnome-control-center to add support for natural scrolling to mouse devices (currently there's support for natural scrolling on touchpads only).

I've done some research and I found out that a good way to implement this would be to use evdev's X11 driver property "Evdev Scrolling Distance" in a way similar to what's already implemented for touchpads, thus reusing some already written code.

Since this patch would involve changing the Mouse & Touchpad settings user interface, I'm linking two screen shots[1][2] with the current and suggested interfaces. I'm basically moving the "Natural scrolling" checkbox from "Touchpad" to "General" pane as it's related to both mouse and touchpad. Another way of doing that is to add another checkbox with the same label on the "Mouse" pane.

I'll be happy to hear your thoughts so I can start working on this.


Diego Giagio
diego giagio com

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