Re: Call for OPW project ideas

Benjamin Berg schreef op ma 03-11-2014 om 22:46 [+0100]:
      * If someone starts a civil lawsuit against me, I do want my local
        jurisdiction to apply. I have no way of properly defending
        myself if a US court is responsible. I do understand that the
        foundation does not want to be sued outside the country it is
        based, but the same is true for everyone involved.

I think that in most European countries you can't legally "force" a
non-local jurisdiction on an individual volunteer, so that part of the
"contract"[*] would be legally very dubious...

[*] I'm not sure if a judge would accept a "contract" that is forced
upon a unpaid volunteer individual and contains disproportionate and/or
unequal language to be legally valid at all.  (But of course the GNOME
foundation's local jurisdiction and the volunteer's local jurisdiction
might disagree on that too.)

Jan Claeys

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