Re: GNOME 3.13.2

On Thu, May 29, 2014 at 01:33:11PM -0400, Jasper St. Pierre wrote:
I have made systemd optional in mutter:

This disables the build of our native backend based on KMS, but Wayland
support is still there in the X11 nested backend. Wayland is still a
hard-dependency, and currently Wayland hasn't been ported to other systems
yet. I am still planning on making Wayland optional at some point before
the 3.14 release.

Our Wayland native implementation will not be portable to non-systemd
systems, Linux or otherwise. The way I would port things is to port Weston
to other systems first, and then add a wl_fullscreen_shell backend to
mutter, which will allow us to run mutter nested under Weston.

Could you write this up on and link it from I think it would be good to
already have some basic thoughts on there, even if some things aren't
yet known or subject to change. We could mention on the page that things
are still changing. Once done, we can announce to distributor-list.

Meaning: Don't spend too much time on it, but good to already inform
anyone who might not follow GNOME dev that we'd appreciate them working
on porting Weston, etc.


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