Re: RFC - file chooser dialog API for sandboxed apps

Hey Steve!

Dodier-Lazaro, Steve <s dodier-lazaro 12 ucl ac uk> wrote:
I've been working on an API to provide file chooser dialogs to sandboxed
apps lately.
This is merely a prototype with some ideas and mockups for extensions, and
I'd be
very keen to have feedback ...

I'm not really in a position to comment on this from a technical point
of view. What I can do is point you to the recent design work we've
been doing on sandboxing [1]. I'd be really interested to hear what
you think about this (I'm afraid there isn't much detail on the
thinking behind these designs right now; that's something I hope to
correct with a blog post in the not too distant future).

With regards to file selection, one thing we've wanted to do for a
while is replace this with a more generic concept of "content
selection" [2]. Here the goal would be to allow the user to select a
variety of content types. These could be local files, but they could
be content items that are stored in the cloud. One challenge here will
be to allow third party applications to provide their own content
through this mechanism.

Best wishes,



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