A wayland status update

I've been dragging my feet on giving an update on the status of
porting GNOME to wayland. Always too busy with other things... but
today we had a hangout with many of the people that are involved in
the porting work and looked discussed where things stand. In short:
GNOME 3.12 / Wayland will still be preview. There are still too many
unfinished tasks, and we are only a few short weeks away from hard
code freeze. We don't want to risk destabilizing the X support at this
point, so we will defer the merging of the mutter-wayland branch until
after 3.12. And we will of course continue working on the TODO list
right after 3.12, some of the gaps can probably be fixed in stable

Things that currently work
- basic functionality of gnome-shell as a Wayland and X11 compositor
- display configuration
- color management
- message tray and hot corner

Things that we are still hoping to complete for 3.12:
- launch Wayland sessions from gdm (using logind)
- use libinput for input
- keybindings
- clutter apps

Things that we don't expect to work in 3.12.0
- input configuration
- wacom tablets
- startup notification
- dnd and clipboard support
- status icons

Big thanks for the things that do work go to Jasper, Giovanni, Rui,
Adel, Jonas, Peter and everybody else who worked very hard on the
Wayland port, in particular in the last few weeks.


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