GSoC and OPW are ON!

Hi all,

GNOME was accepted for GSoC and we are organizing OPW! \\o//

Thanks to so many mentors who've already listed project ideas. It's not too late to add more coding ideas, 
which are shared between GSoC and OPW [1]. Also, please add your non-coding ideas for OPW [2].

In the next 3 weeks, prospective applicants are asked to work with mentors on making relevant contributions 
and putting together a project proposal [3] [4].

Everyone, please help us spread the word about both opportunities by encouraging people personally to apply, 
posting on social networks, sending the information to the university departments and technology groups, and 
posting the flyers on university campuses or handing them out at conferences. Sample e-mail, sample social 
network updates, and flyers are available on the spread the word page [5].



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