Re: High-DPI GNOME update: great progress, remaining issues


thanks for testing this.

On 24 February 2014 17:55, Brion Vibber <brion pobox com> wrote:
The biggest oddity with GNOME proper I see is that the Shell's UI displays
at half-size, like it's ignoring the scaling. I might just be setting the
GDK_SCALE improperly though...

nope: you'll need to use the CLUTTER_SCALE environment variable as
well for the shell to pick this up.

though, to be fair, both GTK and Clutter should already pick up the
scaling factor from gnome-settings-daemon.

It seems to me that the desktop compositor could double the displayed size
of windows from those apps and display them pixelated, but the right size --

we cannot do that, because there is no input transformation in X11: we
can scale up the window as much as we'd like in the compositor, but
the pointer events would still happen at the coordinates of the real
window. also, we cannot really distinguish applications that support
window scaling from those that don't, from a compositor perspective,
unless we check that they are GTK+ applications compiled with GTK ≥

Does anybody have any recommendations on looking into that, or is that a
dangerous direction to look in? Is advocacy for porting to GTK3 more
worthwhile time spent?

having more GTK+ 3.x applications is always a better long term
strategy; that's where bug fixing and features happen first. also,
porting has the chance of uncovering new and exciting bugs, thus
improving the overall quality of the platform. :-)



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